Ghajini – Ghajento or Mementini

Do you get what I am trying to convey with these two words……. NO….. think again…. YES… cool.. it is the “distortedness”. When i say distorted , it means the new form neither has its own identity and nor it has good features of the original form.

Something like this happened when I saw Ghajini and readers please don’t get me wrong as I am not here for a review, it’s just Ghajini was thought provocative enough to have a place here.

I have seen nearly all the movies listed in “IMDB top 250” and there comes Christopher Nolan’s 2000’s unforgettable movie “Memento” ranked 27 with all-time rating of 8.6/10. Unfortunately or fortunately I have seen this movie thrice, not because of any cult like phenomena but because of my “not so sharp” grasping power. I had to watch this flick twice in succession to understand it first time and third time I watched it to have even the faint memory of Ghajini completely erased out of my memory. It will take some time though …..

Aamir Khan has argued that Ghajini is not a remake of Memento and its just the concept of short term memory loss which is similar in Memento and Ghajini. I second Aamir on that as Christopher couldn’t have afforded to spice his movie up with Guy Pearce being a corporate guy being turned into an Iron Man who can make the enemies fly with his 2.5*2 = 5 kilos ka Haath and where the Top Management of a reputed telecom company have personal involvement in deciding the location of hoarding for the brand publicity.

C’mon bollywood, Ghajini is a classic example of our failure of even wrapping a masterpiece with some sensible story. I am not against of any movie remake as far as the final outcome is worth watching.  bollywood thought it is the concept which makes the movie sellable in any form but it forgot that it is not the concept of short term memory loss which made Memento a classy but the way it is narrated , the way director confuses you every 20 min, the way you got logical reasons for every act only after 20 mins, the way two stories running backward and forward finally converge.

Ghajini replicated the  concept ( as it was easy to copy ) , but failed pathetically in the script to suppprt the concept. The story woven around the concept was so weak that if you remove the memory loss concept from the movie, any Mithun Starrer masala film in 80’s would score higher than Ghajini and I still fail to understand why on earth the movie was named Ghajini as if it was all about the villain.

I hope bollywood gets its own DC (Dilip Chhabria) who can make a new car out of a car which has the goodness of the original and a fresh look to have its own identity. Ghajini for me is just like an ambassador painted chilly red, spanked with a spoiler at back, fitted with an air cooled compressor for extra torque, sporting alloy wheels and all the features to give it a sporty look….with the design of the car UNCHANGED… do you wanna ride that ….


5 responses to “Ghajini – Ghajento or Mementini

  1. Lovely criticial review of the movie, i must say.. Having seen both the versions of the movie, i can relate to almost the entire piece..

    We need more insightful reviews like this one…

  2. Mate, I’m so glad that you wrote what you did for Ghajini. Arguably, it was an A-grade goose of a movie. Incidentally, I too have seen Memento thrice, and I’m still to figure out all the clues given therein. Visit its website (written reverse) for additional clues. Also, there is some lovely analysis on the web on the clues given in memento (for example, Sammy Jenkin’s wife rewinding the watch) which reveals more than what is evident. Keep writing…

  3. This post throws views starkly opposite to those in the previous post..

    u definately are summing it all up! 🙂

  4. Loved the review 🙂 very well written indeed.
    Beware Nikhat Kazmi…here comes ‘the Poo’

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