Raaz : The Mediocrity Continues

Let me use some stats here, about two third of the total movie goers belong to Tier 2, 3 , semi urban and semi rural areas and comprise of the individuals who just want to be entertained by drop dead looks of the actor, fighting scenes, dance item or anything which teased him/her to come to cinema hall.

They have been and are the prime target for the producers of the typical masala films and RAAZ: The mystery continues… happens to be one of those!

I am not against any producers to rake in money this way as it’s us who decide the fate of the movie, but again as I have said in my very first post also, bollywood needs to act as a doctor and prescribe what we need and not what we want. If each industry had stuck to the same product, processes and modus operandi, we would still be paying for the incoming calls with a handset which weights at least 2.5 Kg.

People who watch movies just for masala have been fed with masala for ages by bollywood only and it’s not in our genes to have an affinity towards masala movies. It’s just like we haven’t been shown different shades to appreciate a movie and make it a commercial hit. It reminds me of Matrix, where we all have been pre-programmed and there is no red pill.

Bollywood needs to come out of this mediocrity and we have a history of accepting and appreciating the change. When I say change, it doesn’t mean each movie should carry a message, should be made with Oscar/Golden globe in mind and should have an aesthetic touch, what I want is good script and all the elements of movie justifying the theme of the movie, e.g. for a horror flick we need to have more than just horrifying faces (which actually are very comical), scary sounds and maggi tomato sauce (supposedly blood).

Mediocrity is winning as very few come forward, experiment and set a bench mark.

No surprise if RAAZ – II becomes a hit or hit’s cousin (like terrifying hit (phoonk), zabardastt hit (hello)), but surely this is not the way we will be another Hollywood … Bollywood really needs a red pill.


2 responses to “Raaz : The Mediocrity Continues

  1. kya baat hai .. tu toh pro ho gaya hai.. looks like khalid mohammad’s critical reviews.. 🙂

  2. A decent critical review.. But i would have liked the review to be more detailed with more in depth analysis.

    Seems to be a little superficial.

    Good attempt anyways.. We need more on these lines to transform bollywood.

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