Delhi 6: a straight overhead six

Let me start this one with something I do for my living – my job. As part of my job, I have to train our sales force and the channel partners about the services under my vertical. Initially I would flood them with info on all the services in one go and pity I couldn’t read their helpless, restless faces. Sooner I realized it’s better to pick one service and eat , drink and sleep with that one only for that session.

Now you would appreciate why I started off with something “Official”. I have learned from my mistakes, but Mr. ROM is one step ahead, he started off flawlessly with RDB and I really don’t understand what exactly was in his mind for the2nd inning. In one recent interview, I remember telling him to the interviewer that with RDB he cleared his high school and with Delhi – 6, he has completed his graduation. Well, I have never seen a high school guy with so much maturity. I just hope it to be a curious case of Mr. ROM.

Let’s come to the movie, we all know we still have issues related to backwardness, superstition, non-secularism in our country with mother of all – Terrorism also acquiring a face. Bollywood has been taking up these issues with stories moving around the issues and issues just part of the story. Delhi – 6, is also one attempt in that direction. The screenplay, the subtlety of the music and the ensemble cast is just incredible and any art lover will fall for these. The only thing missing in the whole movie was – CLARITY.

Clarity doesn’t mean ROM was not aware what he was up to, but clarity in dealing with one issue and not multiple issues in 150 mins. I felt as if it was the last movie of ROM and as a patriot he wanted us to know all the issues ruining our country.

The movie has been made with right intentions and ROM might have experimented with the theme of taking up multiple issues, but it really has not clicked. I just hope ROM realizes it as all of us expect lot more from him.


One response to “Delhi 6: a straight overhead six

  1. Exactly what i would have written in my blog had i intended to..
    the expectations were high and the result – a mediocre movie. A result of trying too many things together.
    A lesson for Mr. ROM and for each one of us – “Take it one at a time – Too many cooks spoil the broth”

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