Saw 13B & Gulaal too…

March  – 09  nearing to an end and i couldn’t have a single good movie this month.  so to have  at least one post for march , here i go on 13B and Gulaal.  Don’t worry.. i understand if you have watched these movies and spent extra money on those pain killers too, i won’t be punishing you with reviews too on them, i am gonna cut it really very short…

lets not talk about 13 B   but i think Gulaal would have been well accepted and appreciated by critics as well as masses, if  it was released atleast an year or two  back . The freshness  in direction, screenplay and script was conspicuous by its absence.  Its just those seven years which Anurag took to finish it are to be blamed. Guess, if it was finished within normal time and released around 2k3, it wd’ve been another Dev  – D, well ahead of its time.

As promised, i’m finishing it… planing to watch Firaaq, it may end up as one worth -2- watch movie of march…


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