Its been long since i posted  last..  seems like universe was conspiring against it, first there were not great movies which needed your and my time, then our distributors wanted more share of the pie and blocked all the aspiring blockbusters from getting screened with the help  of Khan Brothers (Aamir and SRK) . No sooner it got resolved than there was a rally of “I dare you watch this movie” kind of movies raking in attention because of the  long lull and after that somewhere the pigs flew, reached India and occupied our seats in Multiplexes . I hope u got the last one….

But… every cloud has a silver lining , so good movies are hitting back  so would my posts now. I saw Love Aajkal a week back.. seriously I just want to keep it as an update from my end to you and nip it in the bud. There is something special to be discussed here which I saw last night … what a fweet KAMINEY.

Again , I won’t be reviewing it  but revisiting the subtleties of the direction, choreography, performance and music.  Thinking of performance first , I must  salute Vishal Bhardwaj on his choice. I can’t think of  anyone else but Shahid to justify the role . He is as innocent as Guddu as he is macho as Charlie.  Aamir  is too old to do Guddu, Imran is too young to do Charlie ( hope u didn’t forget KIDNAP) , Ranbir doesn’t fit in either of the roles and BLANK, there is no one .. the role makes Shahid as the first and last choice for the movie. After watching movie, I second Vishal  on his comment that the role was never offered to Saif which he claims.  Not sure about you guys , but certainly i would roll over the floor watching Saif Lipsying and stammering with his unique voice J.

Priyanka was as super as always , it’s a no brainer …  if you really want to  see how deeply she was involved in  her acts .. go and watch her jaw dropping marathi dance in “raat ke dhai baje”  with multiple pauses and observe her facial expressions when she is about to do the V-Shape dance .  The intellectuals would get what I meant by V-Shape dance  J . Not for a nano second , she appears like acting..what more could someone could have asked for. I did the same thing for “Jalwa Song” from “Fashion” which has historical ramp walk of Kangana Ranaut which must have given Priyanka , the lead actress many sleepless nights. She was just fantastic and passed my test with flying colors J

Now coming to music, I think after Panchamda , its only Vishal Bhardwaj who can compose that kind of music  which complements to the movie and acts not as a filler but a story teller.  Each song tells its part of the story with music indicating the mood.  If you want to judge a fine music, you should have a script of the movie in your mind after listening to the songs in a chronicle order. I guess only a director can compose such music or only a music director can do such a fine direction.

It is purely an entertainment movie packed with good action and drama. UTV has done it again and I could see a time very soon when UTV brand will become a crowd puller.. so wake up Sid….


2 responses to “Whatt a FWEET KAMINEY……

  1. Hmmm… Looks like i should not miss it..

  2. Yup!!! I second the opinion!!!
    Full Paisa Vasool!
    ME looking forward to posts on Wake up Sid.. and.. Aage se righT http://www.gunontherun.com

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