There’ s a lil bit of “SID” in everybody’s life …

Can you tell me the story in three sentences?  This is my question to all those who saw “Wake up Sid” ?

WUS.. I sat through the whole  two and half hours of movie , totally captivated and to my surprise , when I was speaking to my friend on the story part,  I took not more than a minute to finish it.

This is what we call a minimalist plot which is the beauty of this flick.

I heard people comparing WUS with Lakshya, but for me it has very less resemblance with Lakshya. The only resemblance is  the aimless life of both the characters. If the essence of the movie is to be compared, then both the movies are pole apart and the only commonality is the  fresh direction.

If I were asked to draw parallels, then frankly it reminds me of Richard Linklater’s  1995 drama film “Before Sunrise” (and  “Before Sunset” –  sequel). It’s  a minimalist plot where two strangers meet , they travel in train, disembark in Vienna , , discuss on love , life, history , architecture, try to  know each other and then they depart at the end of the movie to meet again (in the sequel ).  It has no twist, no climax and no out of the blue ending. It takes the us  on a journey called “your life” wherein we get  immersed in the movie , identify with the character, live through the whole movie where each dialogue resonates with the conversation we have everyday and it ends just like any other day in our life.

WUS does significantly well in treading the same path. So I am clear its not  another Lakshya , hope you are too …

Also , I read somewhere that it’s a story of a spoiled brat who finally wakes up and realizes what he wants to do in his life and shoulders the responsibilities.  Frankly, this part of the story was over much before the intermission and this is something which won’t appeal much –not to me at least.

The beauty of WUS is in Sid’s and Ayesha’s realization of their love for each other which is a culmination of staying together as friends , confronting on many occasions but not accepting , fighting on trivial issues and many  occasions of compromising for each other.  This part of the story has a fresh as well as mature look.  Fresh is because it was never tried before as most of our bollywood  movies  show us something which we call un-natural just to entertain us and mature because  every part of the movie tells an untold story  – even  if it was a just a scene of hugging.

This is the movie to get immersed in, to feel and live through and yes not to write about as words can’t describe everything.

I salute these new age directors – Ayaan and Farhaan who are trying to give a new meaning to cinema in our country.   I have woken up, have you ?


3 responses to “There’ s a lil bit of “SID” in everybody’s life …

  1. 1st half ok sorts.. 2nd one better..
    overall liked the movie! 🙂

  2. A coming of age movie…
    Arguably the only movie of Ranbir Kapoor till date where he has shown some acting. Rest of the movies the chocolate boy just keeps jumping and circling around hot women.

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