Lola rennt (German)-Run Lola Run (UK) (USA)

It was like Sas Bahu serials’s concsecutive three times “KYA” moment for me when my  dear friend for last three years ditched me . I am talking about mininova, who  has been serving the people like me who prefer torrenting the  movies than watching them on DVD or at theatre , specialy if its English, German, Italian,French and Spanish.     When i was away from mininova for the last 45 days, little did i know there are other friends like thepiratebay which i never knew existed.  

So on saturday i got this movie downloaded (thanks to thepiratesbay which is far better than e-bay as you dont pay 🙂 ) and watched it as first thing on Sunday morning.  I have penchant for world cinema and being german i was expecting this also to be more of drama which i am big sucker of, but poor me  i was wrong as the next 80 mins proved to be maggy sauce  – its different . 

This movie is a bolt from the blue !!!  Trust me , i have watched all kinds of wired movies (which are nicely called cult movies) and any new genre, concept doesn’t  surprise me easily, but  this movie totally swept me off my feet and german cinema has become more dearer to me.  The last i luved was – Das Leben der Anderen (the lives of others).

I won’t go reviewing it , just an honest confession  that  i have never come across such wierd concept or i would rather say experimentation with human minds earlier and which i have liked each and every bit of.  The concept is , there runs a story about a girl and a boy where girl needs to accomplish “Something” in 20 mins to save her boyfriend’s life and the run-length also is near to 20 mins.  After 20 mins ,  the story ends with some “ending” to it and you throughly enjoy what she does in those 20 mins and what all happens to her.  So what after 20 mins… wait, wait ….here it comes… the  damn thing starts all over again, yes it starts all over again …  with same girl, same boyfriend, same situation… with only change in the situations in those 20 mins and those different situations culminating into a differnt ending.  The second ending is totally different like again maggie sauce with diffetent flavour. If you are intelligent like me and remember that i told you its  80 mins  flick so there got  to be some more to it …. right .  Yes there is, there is the same situation again  – ” The Third Time”   where everything remains same but the diffferent situations and ending.   So it came across to me like a video game where i am given more than one chance to play the game.  I thanked  that minute when i chucked the idea of  doing  abit of research on the movie before watching it , like genre, star cast and  two line summary. Had i done that, i woulnn’t have mustered enough courage to dedicate 80 mins of my sweet sunday morning to such crazy concepts. 

Trust me all those who like something “different” in cinema will luv it.  It has got three endings for same story , you can pick whatever you like and feel good about that but someone like me would like it more for the reason of  thinking  – how on earth can someone even think about these concepts which are more astonishing than the concept casrs shown in Auto Expo (sorry.. bad one).

Its Different!!!


One response to “Lola rennt (German)-Run Lola Run (UK) (USA)

  1. Now u r watching some really good movies. go for MNIK as well. One of the best movies of SRK, Forest Grump with a dash of rainmen. While u r at it, do watch Forest Grump as well as Rainmen. Both are excellent.

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