Dove, Lex aur Shokha darling…

The fear of using the three letter word in my post is not the reason I did that tweaking in the title, I thought let me reveal the essence of the movie in the title . Oh no.. ….the movie is not about how to improve on your grammar or enhance your reading comprehension,no not at all…  its  about  the beginning of  contemporary cult classic new age cinema in bollywood :-)..  oh so heavy…please wake up and read on..

The following views are strictly of my own and people should not ask me for money if they go for movie and don’t like it. So here we go…

If i have not told u earlier, i am a big sucker of western and world cinema , specially Spanish, German and French as each of these movies creates a new genre for audiences who have developed taste buds for “something new”.  The “experimentative mindset” has stepped in bollywood also and is still  in its infancy as we as an Indian audience would still like to see a superstar, a superman and a utopian world in those 2-3 hours which we can never be or achieve in real life. We pose a lot of challenges for people who dare to produce, direct and execute the concepts never done before. LSD is one of those experimentation Dibakar Bannerjee has done who should now be referred as the curator of this trend in bollywood.  It was the real middle class story in Khosla ka Ghosla, the uncanny dialogue delivery and screenplay in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and the sheer cinematography and the very concept  in LSD which establishes DB as a man who knows cinema as a cinema more and business less.

I think LSD will go down in the history of  bollywood as a classic, cult or contemporary cult. Why do I think so .. well first is its cinematography , the  movie has been shot to appear like recorded digital tapes of handheld , CCTV and Spy cameras.  Though it goes  well with horror as theme like we saw in “blair witch project”, “cloverfield” and very recent “paranormal activities”, but with voyeurism as theme , cinematography is the soul of this movie.

Moving to the story part, the way the three words in the title sums up the three stories running  parallel in the movie and are interlinked towards the end, reminds me of the trend set by Alejandro González Iñárritu with movies like Amores Perros, 21 Gramas and Babel. Again , if not at par with Amores Perros, but a brilliant start with LSD. Then there are actors who are not acting in front of the cameras, the characters with uncanny dialogues which makes LSD more and more watchable.

If you love real cinema , here is one masterpiece of modern times.


4 responses to “Dove, Lex aur Shokha darling…

  1. excellent analysis…. .. liked d way u r looking at muvies….

  2. Revelation…….u r an excellent critic………..gr8 analysis…esp Dibakar one. nd intro..

  3. Never knew you had this out-of-the-box critic quality in you. I was genuinely surprised. It’s a damn good take on LSD. Way to go, dude!!

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