Lars and the Real Girl – a pure and gentle movie

Ryan with the Doll

I was checking Ryan Gosling’s history on IMDB  being impressed with his performance in “Half Nelson”  when the site showed up other movies  he is known for. As I was not in a mood  of heavy drama , I put my hands on “Lars and the Real Girl” , frankly it’s the name which got me excited and when i can risk putting my money on IPO on gut feeling, this habit is risk free.

That was the reason to pick the movie but certainly not for dedicating this piece of writing for writer Nancy, director Craig and actor Ryan.  The beauty of the movie is the story which can be just considered as thought for being so simple and so minimalist. Its about a delusional young person who develops an unconventional affinity for a doll and how everyone close to him get along with this false believe to help him come out of this believe.

As story is so subtle and pure, its very critical to maintain the same feeling among audience throughout the movie and this is where director Craig has done a brilliant job.  The movie has its bits of humor and pensiveness in between but handled carefully  to ensure they don’t adulterate the feeling which is instilled right from the beginning.

Ryan is awesome , again very unconventional role played beautifully and i guess our own Abhay Dheol is treading the same path.

Its difficult for me to give a Genre for this one, both Drama and Comedy don’t define it.  You might end up being confused reading this post, but I recommend this movie to those who want to see a movie which is so gentle and pure that you don’t like the movie but you love it. Probably “the painted veil”  comes close to it if it needs to be compared with one.


2 responses to “Lars and the Real Girl – a pure and gentle movie

  1. Ya we get it…
    1. U too are into inflatable dolls now and its a good excuse to express your likings through a blog on a movie on a doll
    2. The movie is so Pure and Gentle…whatever

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