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Oh Boy, you will love this movie

Its been quiet a time since I posted my last blog and after watching this movie it would be a crime on my part to not write about it .

I go to watch this movie yesterday with no pre-fed reviews on my mind and any remote association with the background of this movie .  Lucky me , didn’t know that I will catch one of the best movies like this which is still growing on me.

This is one of the best things which has happened to Indian Cinema . Amol Gupte (The Director)  who was the scriptwriter and creative director of “Taare Zameen Par”  has shown to Indian Cinema how theater and main stream cinema can be mixed to offer one of the most heart warming movie of 2011.

It has a simple story which will take you to wonder days  of your school and remind you of your school buddies who will always stand by you and treat you like a hero, your Rosy Miss who loves her students like her own kids and makes your day every day with her “rise and Shine” smile , the  khadoos teachers who teach for the sake of feeding their stomach and ego (may be losers is a better word for them) .  Amol has used very routine things in school life as a skeleton of the story to showcase much broader things like the Bonding among friends  in school, the limitless imagination and sea of creativity they have   ,  the current pedagogy  and the teachers who can kill the child in the children.

As i am not reviewing the movie here , very shortly, the characterization in the movie is brilliant with both Stanley (Partho, Amol’s son in debut ) and Verma Sir (Amol himself) giving a life to their character . The best part is the story paving the way for its ending , catching you totally unaware , hitting you hard and leaving you poignant with a lump in your throat.

So far one of the strong contenders to go for Oscars from India.

PS : It took Amol nearly two years to finish this movie as making movie was never the intent out of the workshops which Amol used to conduct to teach theater to the school children from his Alma Mater.