Rahman Rocks and Ranbir Stars in ROCKSTAR

Pata hai..
Yahaan se bahut door
Ghalat aur sahi ke paar
Ek maidan hai
Main wahaan milunga tujhe

This is exactly how I feel about this movie if I am asked to review or judge this one. This is certainly not an exploding piece of cinematic excellence nor it’s a cent percent entertainment pill for us. So like this maidan which is beyond sahi and galat, this movie makes its way to your heart but you don’t feel a void after watching it . It seems like Imtiaz Ali tried to be direct (in first half) as well as subtle (in second half) at various phases in the movie which kind of got me confused which genre I should tag this movie to .
If there is a reason to watch this movie , its Ranbir and Rahman. If you are one of those who can appreciate the finesse of acting and screenplay even when the total package is not that great, I bet you will truly enjoy it.
Rahman’s music is like a supporting actor in this movie playing Ranbir’s best friend role . You will find it always with Ranbir when he is happy, depressed, angry or frustrated telling us the true emotional journey the protagonist is going through – just like a best friend. So its not just music it’s the personification of the characters protagonist play.
Go and watch it for RA.2 – RAnbir and RAhman


6 responses to “Rahman Rocks and Ranbir Stars in ROCKSTAR

  1. Just for the witty last line, I will give your movie review 6/10. Take that line out and all that’s left is Crap / Crap.

  2. …On second thoughts, I need a mad man i could co-direct a movie with. Interested? 🙂 Seriously, lets make a short film.

  3. This is a good post and overall a nice blog which allows one to read the voice of real Indian audience, rather than some goofy critics who works as a floozy for indian film industry.
    I’ve not watched this movie so far, but reading a review gives me decent idea about it.
    Pari: He’s certainly one of the real Orson welles who’d take you for twist if you allow him to make movie. I know he would do fantastic in that, but beware, coz like Shah Rukh Khan he would kill other actors if he choose to perform. (of course Shah Rukh of earlier days)

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